September 8

Blog Challenge 1


For our first Bright Spots’ challenge, I would like for you to get to know some of our local bloggers.  This week you will be meeting Mrs. Odom.  Mrs. Odom is an educational specialist on the Intermediate Campus.  Click on the picture above or on her name to visit the site.  Your mission, if you so choose, is to visit her blog page.  Stare at the heading of M&Ms and see if you can find the hidden picture.  Reply back to me and let me know what you saw.  Then take a look around her blog.  Read all about her under the tab called Odom’s Candy Jar, and be ready to share a fact with me that you learned about Mrs. Odom.  Finally for fun, go to her game page and check out some of her games.  Have a great time exploring!  I can’t wait to find out what you learn.

September 3

Under Construction

istockphoto_1340873-yellow-construction-signsOur  Bright Spots Blog will be up and running soon.  We hope that all of our previous visitors will be patient as we begin a new school year and add some new members to our page!  Keep checking back.  More to come…

February 28

TAKS Test, Wednesday, March 3

ist2_3783037_pencil_and_paperOn Wednesday, March 3, the fourth grade students across the great state of Texas will take the writing portion of the TAKS test.  This test includes two sections: Revision and Editing and Written Composition.  I am proud to say that all of our students are ready to show their skills as a writer.  As a brief reminder, all students will need to get to bed early on Tuesday night and eat a healthy breakfast on Wednesday morning to help them be ready.  Just like an Olympic athlete, the students must be in the best condition for this test of endurance to compete for the GOLD!

Here is a list of things to do to help you be prepared for Wednesday:

  1. Get plenty of rest on Tuesday night.
  2. Eat a healthy, protein filled breakfast before school.
  3. Wear your Roughneck shirt to support our team!
  4. Bring a room temperature bottle of water.
  5. Take your time when reading the test and questions, and show your strategies to prove your answers.

  7. vancouver_2010_olympic_medals

I believe in you all!  You are the best!

February 11

Schedule for February 12


Yes, folks, we have snow in East Texas.  The kids are thrilled!  Be aware of the starting time for Friday.  Classes will begin at 10 a.m.  Hope each of you enjoy getting to sleep a little later in the morning.  I know I will!  See you tomorrow for our Valentine’s Day celebration.

January 22

The Perfect Picnic

3dflagsdotcom_us_tx_2tawl-1Recently, the Brightspots kids started reading about several of our states great recreational areas.  After reading Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine, our kids planned their perfect picnic.  Be sure to check out the individual pages and read about their adventures.

If you could plan a picnic in the great state of Texas, where would you go, what would plan for your meal, who would you invite, and how would you spend your time?

For our out of state or country visitors, where would your picnic be held?  Tell us about some of the natural attractions from your area that a visitor might want to see.


January 9

+ − = Math Practice + − =

Being able to solve a problem is very important!  To continue to work on our problem solving skills, I would like for each of you to go to Mr. Toft’s blog and visit his January 20th post.  He has a link for his students to visit for more math practice from Math Playground.  Visit this line and go through the Thinking Blocks models to sharpen your own thinking skills.  This is excellent practice for each of us!